chill and com down costa rica

chill and com down in blue zone Costa Rica

Chill and come down, the chill factor is in Costa Rica excellent. We are and will be driven! Hardly anyone is really relaxed these days.

But how Chill and come down, does this deadly constant stress come? It came crawling up and we didn’t notice it.

Cortisol immune system

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that regulates a variety of processes in the body, including metabolism and immune response.
Existential Anxiety
Work, family, a perfect apartment and now vaccination stress. Existential angst is fueled by the increasingly crappy situation. Existential fear, high electricity and gas prices: Energy crisis drives families more and more in great need.

In addition the requirement that also please everything must be perfect. So it’s no wonder that we are often so stressed in our everyday lives that our bodies eventually pull the emergency brake. It collapses.

chill and com down

Nowadays, more and more people have problems with stress, although there are numerous ways to counteract the development of stress at an early stage. Sex not only relieves stress, but the brain is sensitized at the same time and can recognize and avoid new stress much faster. After relax.


chill and com down costa rica
Out of the muck, into the positive energy

Costa Rica: banana republic in the tropics.

Out of the line of fire in Costa Rica? Emigrate to Costa Rica, the banana republic in the tropics. Visit us in our eco-lodge Costa Rica …
Province in the Banana Republic of Costa Rica
A „Blue Zone“ is a region in the world where people generally live to be over 100 years old. The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is one of the five regions in the world classified as a „Blue Zone“ where people live even longer than in the rest of the country.

Nature Open Spirit Lodge
Jungle Lodge Playa Buena Vista
Welcome to Jungle Hotel Costa Rica Samara, a blue zone lodge near the Pacific Ocean. A small unusual place to stay. +50688328195
Nice rooms, apartments and a bungalow are offered. There is also a restaurant serving organic food.

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