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Costa Rica- coming to stay

I am packing my bags and I’ll take… … all at once! Anyone who is fed up with rainy days or western bureaucracy is well- advised to start a new life in Costa Rica. Emigrating to Costa Rica, starting a new life, leaving everything behind -these are big words but only few people have the courage to make their dreams become reality. Back in the days when I was a young man I always dreamed to take this step one day. I had always been curious and longing for new experience. Therefore, I started traveling around the world and visiting lots of different places. When I finally arrived in Costa Rica in 1992 I decided very quickly to settle down there. Why did I choose Costa Rica? There are numerous answers to this question and I will do my best to answer as much of them as I can.

Costa Rica- small but powerful

Costa Rica is a small country which is located in Central America. It has a size of about 19.559 square miles and the distance between the two oceans is only about 74 miles at the narrowest point. However, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. The country is a unique natural paradise. About 27% of its area are protected. Within the numerous national parks there is an incredible biodiversity. Howler monkeys, parrots, toucans, hummingbirds, crocodiles, turtles and colorful butterflies are just some of the animals which will surround you every day. Since 1948 there is no more military in Costa Rica. Moreover, one can describe the country as a true tax haven, which is surely one of the reasons why Costa Rica is called the „Switzerland of Central America“.

Endoscopes instead of bananas

Costa Rica is not a developing country. The literacy rate is at 97%. The education policy has been improving and today there are far more teachers than doctors. Nevertheless, one must add at this point that the medical care in Costa Rica is much better than in neighboring countries like Nicaragua or Panama. The present government is about to do something against the still existing, but slowly decaying corruption. Furthermore one of the main concerns is, of course, the protection of nature. Moreover, Costa Rica has become an important business destination over the years. In addition to the export of agricultural products such as bananas, coffee and pineapple, the country is now increasingly selling high-tech products such as medical equipment technology and the like. With the establishment of a National Center for Biotechnology Costa Rica has again proved its future orientation.

Pura vida! Live and let live

Besides all those reasons and arguments one must not forget to mention the people who live here. From the very beginning, I have met one of the friendliest and most open- minded people around here. The „Ticos“ or „Ticas“ lead a quite humble life. They just relax and live in harmony with nature. I have always appreciated the helpfulness of the natives and I still do. By the way, a study from the year 2009 came to the conclusion that the happiest people in the world are living in the country of Costa Rica . Anyone who spends his or her vacation around here and who experiences the beautiful beaches as well as the local way of life, will understand what is meant by Pura vida! I myself have built up an individual hotel here in Costa Rica and I have never regretted that decision. This small Central American country offers the best conditions for everyone planning to emigrate. Throughout the country there are numerous sites and properties which are for sale. So if you have a good business idea and you bring enough patience, you should be courageous enough to come here and find happiness.